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We are constantly improving CopeMember for you. Here you can see all the latest updates.

In May this year, we released a whole set of features that not only make your e-learning platform more beautiful. You now have additional customization options, permissions, and are also even faster at course creation and user management than you already are.

Your benefits
  • Advanced “Bored Ape” for creative titles and descriptions in your lessons.
  • Faster transcription of videos with the help of AI.
  • More color options for the learning area and background images for the dashboard.
  • Comment notifications for lively discussions.
  • Mobile-friendly lesson page for easy learning on the go.
  • Control over email notifications for tests.
  • Exclusive permissions for community administrator: delete inappropriate posts.
  • Notification of testimonials received for positive surprises.

We are excited to introduce our new feature: Categories! With this update, users can now easily create and organize their courses into specific categories, making it even easier to access their content.

Your benefits
  • Easy creation of categories: Users can easily name their category, add a description, upload an image, and include a Learn More URL.
  • Organized user interface: Thanks to the new categorization, the user interface becomes much clearer and easier to handle. Instead of a long list of courses, users only see the categories they created, within which the courses are located.
  • More efficient learning: Categorization allows users to access related courses directly and move through the learning material more efficiently.
  • Especially useful for users with many courses: If you have many courses on our platform, categorization helps you keep track of them and quickly access the desired content.

With the updated community feature neither you nor your users will miss any important requests, approvals, or announcements. We’ve also made a few other updates to improve your experience and streamline your workflow.

Your benefits
  • As an admin or coach, you will receive an email notification when a member requests access to a community, so you do not miss any requests.
  • Additionally, the member will be notified by email once they’re accepted into a community.
  • Your members will receive an email whenever you make an announcement, ensuring that they are aware of any significant updates or information from your end.
  • You can now download an excel file containing the names of all of your students by going to Courses > Settings > Leaderboard.
  • With the latest update, your E-learning assistant Bored Ape assistant can also transcribe your secondary instructional video.
  • For each user in a particular course, you can specify a unique expiration date (this can be done in bulk under Courses > Settings > User Access).
  • Improved, super-fast video player with a picture-in-picture functionality.

You can now save a massive amount of your course creation time by using your E-learning AI assistant, Ask Bored Ape. Thanks to this feature, you can now concentrate on the more important tasks while Bored Ape does the transcription work for you.

Your benefits
  • AI-generated transcripts of your course videos.
  • With a predetermined global vocabulary, Bored Ape learns more quickly and performs better.
  • Eventually, Bored Ape will also assist you in creating intriguing course titles, adding context to a generated description, and creating performance review questions.

CopeMember’s latest update offers a new AI feature that speeds up your course creation time and updates on existing features.

Your benefits
  • Launch of Bored Ape assistant, which generates transcriptions of your videos and learns brand words or special nouns to improve his outcomes.
  • Everything about Ask Bored Ape AI:
  • The admin loses access to the user’s CopeMember account when a user’s payment is declined or the subscription is canceled.
  • Improvements on the expiration date feature.

We add regular updates to existing features to make sure everything is in line with the latest market standards.

Your benefits
  • Customize numerous elements on the help page and enhance the navigation of your users.
  • New icons for custom links in the main menu of your customers or employees.
  • New display of custom links based on the courses the user has access to.
  • Updates to the cinema mode and technical improvements to the video player.

Now it is possible to create a community inside CopeMember which is also linked to your courses. This allows you to integrate new attendees directly into your group and significantly increases interaction.

Your benefits
  • Completed profiles and insights for every user (profile picture and short bio)
  • Give regular announcements and moderate the interaction (only course owners and admins can make an announcement)
  • Set your own rules and topics for your community
  • Upload banners to be shown while using the community as a user for upsells or promotions of other products/courses
  • Users can create a post that can be allocated to a relevant topic to be top organized

And another update: we have reduced the loading times to a minimum! The video player for your users is now faster and even more intuitive.

Your benefits
  • Customers and employees now have it much easier to repeat passages and better understand your content.
  • Skip passages at lightning speed for efficient learning
  • More enjoyable learning experience for every user
  • Incredibly intuitive thanks to the interactive timeline

In addition to the embedded code and uploading a file in video format, you can now record and upload a video directly using your laptop or phone’s built-in camera. In addition to that, you can also trim and edit the recorded video.

Your benefits
  • Highly efficient workflow: Simply log in, record your training and upload it.
  • Hide bloopers and cut out short pauses in thinking
  • No external camera or microphone needed: Just use your cell phone or laptop

CopeMember’s latest update offers a new feature that automates testimonials you will receive from high-quality customers regularly. Now, you may use them as high-quality promotional material.

Your benefits
  • High-quality testimonials for social media, Youtube, or other platforms.
  • Completely automated process without you having to do anything.
  • Maximize the trust of your target group thanks to qualified customer testimonials.

It is a common problem with digital products that customers pass on their access data to others. This way, they get to enjoy your course without you benefiting from it. Your work was, therefore, in vain. But don’t worry; CopeMember offers a solution.

Your benefits
  • Track when and where your customers have logged in with just one click.
  • Track who has consumed how much of your content.​
  • In addition, you can use the IP addresses of the logins to see whether a customer has passed on his login data.​
  • This feature always lets you know whether a customer has passed on his login data to another person.

As of today, you can directly link sales that you process through Digistore24 without interruption to your CopeMember membership platform. This link is easy to set up using a Zapier integration, just like the link with CopeCart.​

Your benefits
  • From now on, you have the possibility to link your Digistore24 account to your CopeMember member area with just a few clicks.​
  • You can ensure a smooth transition of your sales processes via Digistore24 to the delivery of your course content on CopeMember.​
  • No media break between sales calls closing and handover.​

Now you can add multiple videos to the same lesson in your members’ area! This feature allows you to break down a lesson into subtopics and teach each one to your users in a separate video. Thanks to this feature, you can structure your members’ areas more effortlessly and make them more precise.

Your benefits
  • Now you can add multiple videos to the same lesson in your CopeMember members’ area.
  • Break lessons into subtopics.
  • Separate topics on one page.
  • Better structure of your members’ area and make it more precise.

Starting now, Coach View allows you to add unlimited coaches to your members’ area. They will only have limited access to help you manage your users, correct tests, track progress, and provide general support.

Your benefits
  • An unlimited number of additional coaches to add to your CopeMember members’ area.
  • Better management of your members and users.
  • Complete control over your settings.
  • Restricted access for your coaches.
  • With this new feature, you can minimize your effort significantly.

CopeMember offers you various possibilities to generate more sales with your courses. You should know about one feature because it is a secret sales funnel – and who doesn’t want that?

Your benefits
  • Increase your upsells by posting your courses as free trials.
  • Allow your users to watch the following modules or lessons for free.
  • Block videos for advanced users.
  • Allow your users to upgrade, which unlocks subsequent content.
  • The easiest way to promote your upsells to a more expensive course.

Give your users temporary access to a course. Upgrades are available once the period has expired. This new feature is unique and only available on CopeMember!

Your benefits
  • Courses with time-limited access to another course, module, or Live Call.
  • If the period expires, the course will continue to be displayed to the users dashboards without having access to the contents.
  • Automated offers to unlock or extend the course.
  • The period can be set individually, ex. 90 days.
  • An additional possibility to generate more money for your online coaching business.

Now you can easily import your users via a CSV file. All you need to do is upload a list with the name, email address, and course information you want your users to have access to in CopeMember.

Your benefits
  • Easily upload a list with the name, email address, and course you want your users to have access to.
  • This feature makes it easy for you to move your courses and users from another platform to CopeMember.
  • Fast and easy data transfer without time delay.

CopeMember is the platform for your best users: You provide users with a unique user experience as they consume your content. Track their progress and automatically alert them to more of your offerings after completing your course.

Your benefits
  • Unique customer experience: maximize learning effect thanks to optimized interface.
  • Offer free trials to attract more users.
  • Simple and intuitive: Super easy to use for vendors and users.
  • Easy selling: Direct integration with CopeCart as a reseller.
  • Free course with the essential features to convince your platform directly.
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