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The 12 most important features for E-learning platforms in 2023

You need a platform for your customers, onboardings, or employee training. In this checklist, you'll learn what you need to consider.

As a coach or employer, you’ll start by training your first clients or employees. There are countless ways you can do this. For example, you can interact with users in a WhatsApp group and provide learning videos using unlisted YouTube videos – this is not only extremely insecure and against data protection, you also give away massive potential.

Especially for such cases there are the so-called LMS: Learning Management Systems. These platforms make it as easy as possible for you to educate your users and provide them with an area where they can access everything: Learning videos, documents, a help area or even live calls.

Basically, these platforms are all the same: you can upload videos, add users to specific courses, and even track the progress of all learners if necessary.

However, mature systems differ from each other in some features that make a massive difference in the end. Here come the 14 most important features your LMS should have in order to fully realize the potential of your users and subsequently generate demonstrably higher revenues.

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1. Intelligent search

You want to make it as easy as possible for your users not only to find their way around your site but also to get the information they need. When someone is looking for info, there are always two options:
  1.  The person will contact you. This may involve a time delay, and you must gather and provide the information yourself. So you have to make an effort yourself.
  2.  We offer an intelligent search function that allows users to find all the relevant content by entering a keyword. For example, if you’re a fitness trainer and a customer searches for “back pain,” all the relevant videos, documents, or help articles will be displayed directly. This way, you not only have less work but also save time for you and your customers/employees.
So be sure to offer a smart search on your member platform to save time and make learning as convenient as possible.

2. Live events, seminars, and Q&A calls within the platform

Some LMSs offer the possibility to provide: live events, seminars, and Q&A calls within the member area. This way, you and your users can have everything bundled in one place, and you don’t have to switch between platforms.

In practice, it looks like this: You give your customer or employee access to one of your courses – and they have everything they need. The first video explains your training and coaching flow, including live sessions that can be easily accessed from the menu bar.

Of course, you can also store all your recordings there. The best platforms for members’ areas have an extra Q&A section where you can find the live broadcast and all recordings.

Again, make it as easy as possible for users.

3. Video on the right side

It may sound trite, but it’s extremely important.

We, humans, read from left to right. When reading, we are used to orienting ourselves to the right edge of the book or screen because it signals us when to jump down the line.

Therefore, ensure the video is displayed on the right in the user interface. Subconsciously and in the long term, this will ensure the motivation, satisfaction, and learning success of your customers or employees.

4. Secure help area

As an employer, coach or trainer, your knowledge is worth its weight in gold. You earn money with it and should protect it accordingly.

Unfortunately, most LMSs have a help section that is easy to share via the URL. Customers or employees who have found an interesting article can easily share the page with third parties – without you knowing about it.

This is how your knowledge gets misappropriated and your articles or even videos get into the public domain.

At CopeMember, we have recognized this problem and have encrypted all pages and content so that only those who have the authorization can consume it.

This leads us to the next essential feature.

5. Security against product piracy

Speaking of knowledge: Of course, you also need to protect your courses themselves.

In the worst case, a customer or employee downloads your videos and documents, terminates the cooperation with you, and sells your content himself.

You might not even know about it!

Fortunately, the best LMSs have some security mechanisms in place to prevent this:

  1. The corresponding course should only be available to the user after agreeing to your terms and conditions.
  2. Due to prefabricated T&Cs, you get maximum chances to win disputes in court.
  3. CopeMember even offers an e-signature feature. Here the user signs with his real signature, which gives you maximum protection against legal uncertainties.

6. Built-in upsell mechanisms

Just as important as the security of your member area are features that help you make more sales.

For example, an interesting upsell feature allows you to offer paid courses as a free trial to convince prospective customers of the content before they pay.

CopeMember is the only LMS that offers this feature and, therefore, can lift the upsell conversions of all users to 17% on average.

You can also make all your courses visible to your customers and add an upgrade button to each. The user will, of course, only have access to the course he or she has purchased but will also see what else you offer. This gives him or her the opportunity to buy more products on their own.

As a coach, trainer, or consultant, you should choose a provider offering this upsell optimization!

7. Intelligent recommendations

Winning clients organically as a coach works best through referrals from your existing clients’ network.

When choosing your LMS, ensure it offers the feature to ask clients for referrals!

CopeMember, for example, offers the feature of displaying a button in the menu bar specifically for referrals. This way, customers always have the opportunity to tell their environment about their learning successes.

This is another advantage: Experience shows that the recommendation rate is highest when the course is being worked on. So you shouldn’t miss out on this feature at all!

8. Automated testimonials

The best way to build trust in your target group is through testimonials. They are one of the cornerstones of your marketing, and you can make a lot out of them:

Case studies, social media posts, YouTube videos, blog articles, or even include them in your webinar.

Of course, you can ask all your customers for them yourself, but it’s easy to lose track – and you don’t want to ask someone 10 times for a testimonial just because you forgot they already declined the first time.

You can create a scalable system with automated testimonials.

Simply set the progress level at which you want your customers or employees to be prompted.

For example, if you set it to 30%, a popup with text fields and an optional video will appear at a third of the progress.

You can then use this data for marketing and build massive trust!

9. Seamless integration with your payment provider

Especially in online business, it is extremely important that processes are comprehensible and simple. The payment process is often tricky enough for many people. The fear that something went wrong during payment is great. That’s why courses are often returned a few minutes after the purchase.

In short, the checkout process is just as important as the product itself.

So be sure to take the complexity out of it with your member area and your payment provider. Here’s an example of the simplest way to do it:

Use CopeCart or Digistore24 as your payment provider, create your product and integrate your CopeMember account, including the corresponding course with a few clicks.

So when someone buys through your payment provider’s checkout, the user is now automatically created in your program, he or she receives an email with all login details and you get a notification that someone has restarted.

For your customers, you thus create a self-contained ecosystem from the moment they pay, where they can pay, learn and interact with you or others.

10. Integrated quizzes based on course progress

For example, you should subject users to regular tests to test whether your people are just clicking through your course or completing it.

The most elegant way to do this is with built-in quizzes at the end of a lesson.

Users are asked to answer a series of questions before completing the lesson. Of course, you should keep an eye on all results and take the initiative if someone consistently achieves less than 50% correct answers.

In addition to quizzes, CopeMember also offers the option to make the following modules available only once one has been completed or passed.

Activate this feature with one click to ensure that your employees or customers process and internalize your content and not just passively consume it. This way, you increase the learning success and, at the end of the course, the profit of your company through better employees or more satisfied customers.

11. 1:1 Live Chat Support

If you have questions or have discovered a problem, you need support in the form of the support of providers for members’ areas.

Some obstacles lie because many platforms unfortunately only offer prefabricated answers via a chatbot, a help section, or an email address, where customers do not infrequently receive a qualified answer after only several weeks.

CopeMember is the only LMS that offers integrated Slack support, which allows you to reach out to our support team, including your personal success manager, 24/7.

This makes it possible to solve problems in the shortest possible time and to clarify all questions.

12. Migration service

The last and one of the most important points for employers is the migration service. This means that someone will take care of moving your course from the old members area to the new one for you. So you can sit back and relax while your training is being set up.

After all, most of them have already recorded an employee training course and made it available here and there.

Maybe you’ve also uploaded an explainer video or two to a video platform or regularly send videos or descriptions to your employees via WhatsApp.

Now it’s just a matter of structuring it all in an optimally designed member area. So that you don’t waste any time and can get started right away, you should make use of a migration service.


You now know the 12 most important features your members area should have if you want to deliver more performance and drive higher revenues as a coach or employer.

If you want to know how all this can work for you exactly and you want to automate your employee training or fulfillment with an LMS, book a free CopeMember demo now.

CopeMember not only offers you all the features described here, but also a number of other features that might be highly interesting for you.

Good luck setting up your coaching, onboarding or employee training with the right platform!

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