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Growth & Scaling

Unleash the power of CopeMember for maximum performance and sales growth.

These features make you take off

12 features created to increase your sales and performance:

Free trial (secret funnel)

Create a free trial of your course to upsell to the full version later. On average, 17 out of 100 people buy the entire course.

Smart referrals

The best time for users to refer to your course is while they are watching it. With smart referrals, you will experience up to 30% more referrals with no ad spend!


Create the perfect onboarding experience for your users by asking them to sign the terms and conditions already within their platform. You'll win any legal battle thanks to your users' valid signatures.

Seamless payment integration

Integrate CopeCart or Digistore24 as your payment partner and make the sales-to-product transition smoother than ever before.

Limited time access

Make your course available for a limited time to create value through scarcity. The perfect feature to extend your course after 3 months.

Coming soon lessons

Create anticipation for future content by highlighting upcoming lessons as such. Get your users excited about future lessons coming up.

Zapier integration

Connect any other software to CopeMember without code and benefit from massive productivity and clever automations.

Security against piracy

Don't take risks, and protect your knowledge and skills against theft and product piracy.


Identify the best-performing users and upsell them, or provide additional support to low-performing users and turn them into your next success story.

Referral commission

Spread your love for CopeMember and earn a 30% referral bonus. Create another income stream with CopeMember.

Smart dashboard

Get a quick overview of all your courses and identify the best upselling opportunities in a flash.

Drag and drop import

Import your users easily via CSV file from your old LMS and ensure no data or time is lost.

100% safe

Indisputable legal security

Ensure your course is all-around secure against piracy and other legal disputes.

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