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Unleash the power of CopeMember completely embedded in your cosmos and branding.

These features make you exceptional

8 features to ensure your users feel comfortable!

Custom menu

Place custom menu items on your users' menus to help them navigate your resources.

Individual certificates

Create automated certificates for successful users and turn your course into a valid quality symbol.

White label

Fully customize the learning platform with your company's branding, text, and colors.

Language diversity

CopeMember can be used in any language. You can also change all the texts.

Custom quizzes

Test your users' knowledge with customizable quizzes and make sure they make progress with your content.

Custom domain

Use your domain and show CopeMember under your brand.

Total adaptability

Fully customize your members' areas to suit you and your business.

Custom emails

Send all your emails with your domain.

100% safe

Indisputable legal security

Ensure your course is all-around secure against piracy and other legal disputes.

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