Ask Bored Ape to pack your video into written content in 30 seconds

Have your videos transcribed automatically by your AI sidekick and save 30% of your course creation time.

Your benefits with Ask Bored Ape

Save hours of work with the help of AI technology and ensure a more efficient and effective learning experience for your users, with less of your time and effort required.

Streamline course creation

Create engaging courses in minutes with catchy and descriptive course titles and descriptions.

Improve Learning Efficiency

Improve learning outcomes with performance reviews, testing your users' understanding of the course.

Save 30% of course creation time

Automate the process of video transcription, saving you hours of manual work.

How to use Ask Bored Ape

It's as simple as it gets. Ask Bored Ape and step your E-learning platform up a notch with your AI assistant in just a few easy steps.

1. Upload your video

Start your journey with Ask Bored Ape on your CopeMember E-learning platform by creating your own course. Add a module, create a lesson inside of it and upload your video.

2. Ask Bored Ape

After you've uploaded your video, ask Bored Ape to do the work for you by clicking the "Ask Bored Ape" button and giving him the task at hand.

3. Generate a video transcript

Create a transcript of your video to make your content more practical and accessible. This way, all types of learners, both listeners and readers, will internalize your lessons faster and more effectively.

4. Review your transcript

Make any necessary correction or edit to ensure accuracy and readability. By verifying and correcting the transcript, you can improve the overall quality of the transcript output.

5. Choose your global vocabulary

Make Bored Ape even smarter by selecting various words, phrases, or brand names that you frequently use in your videos. As a result, Bored Ape will learn how to provide you better outcomes.

What's to come with Ask Bored Ape

The future is bright with Ask Bored Ape, as he will soon be able to help you out with even more time-consuming tasks.

Choose a course title

Coming soon

Attract users to your content with a catchy and descriptive title. Choose between different suggestions generated by the Bored Ape and pick the title, which will pique your users interest and keep them engaged throughout your course.

Give your video a description

Coming soon

Provide additional context and information about your video and let your users know what they will gain from your content and why is it worth their time. While Bored Ape makes several recommendations, you have the last say.

Generate performance review questions

Coming soon

Help your users test their understanding by asking the right questions. Choose between the options Bored Ape gives you and gain valuable feedback, which helps you identify areas where additional clarification may be needed.

The AI assistant that has your back

Ask Bored Ape to make your E-learning platform smarter and cut your time and effort by 30%.