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CopeMember is made for all types of businesses, either small or big.


Share all your knowledge with your users or employees.

Coaches and admins

Add your entire team and manage all your users with maximum efficiency.


Create a separate environment for your users and employees.

Unlimited video storage

Upload unlimited videos for lessons and Q&A recordings.


Provide your members with a community to ask questions and interact with others.

Live Calls
Coming Soon

Offer live coaching calls or live events to your members inside the community.

Coming Soon

Inform your members about important events, and live calls based on their local timezone on an easy-to-understand calendar view.

Leads to customers on autopilot

Provide to your potential or skeptical leads a highly converted free-trial course that turns, on average, 17 out of 100 leadsto customers on autopilot.

Affiliate program

Become our partner and get an increased affiliate commission from 30% to 40% for every client you sign up to CopeMember.

Unique experience

Intuitive interface

A clean concept ensures users can focus on their materials as best as possible and find their way around intuitively.


Drip feed lessons

Make specific content available only after previous lessons have been completed to ensure your users' sustained learning.

Smart search

Users search across your learning materials, knowledge center, or Q&A using any keyword and get a quick answer without asking you.


Whether at home or on the move, your course is fully accessible and optimized for laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Advanced user monitoring

Check your users' details, including lessons seen, logins, access devices, quiz completions, and comments.

Q&A calls and events

Upload your upcoming events to the calendar and host the recordings of all your events in CopeMember. This feature helps the users to get the best experience.

24/7 Support

To support you with all questions regarding your new members' area, you will receive 24/7 support from our experts.

Knowledge center

Provides you with a place to host the Frequently Asked Questions regarding your courses.


Allow users to comment on your lessons and interact with each other.


Stop using PDFs or Word documents to get worksheets done. Now, your users can do so via CopeMember while you keep track of their progress.

Multiple videos in one lesson

Include several videos in one lesson to explain complex topics in a structured and organized way.

Course rules

Gives you the flexibility to hide or show specific courses on your users' dashboards.

Coming Soon

Keep your users or employees up to date on new modules, lessons, or other important information. Don't let them miss out.

Code editor

Add and/or edit your membership environment's code to make it look how you want.

Growth and Scaling

Locked modules

Locked modules within your course with a CTA to upgrade their membership in one click.

Smart referrals

The best time for users to refer to your course is while they are watching it. With smart referrals, you will experience up to 30% more referrals with no ad spend!


Create the perfect onboarding experience for your users by asking them to sign the terms and conditions already within their platform. You'll win any legal battle thanks to your users' valid signatures.

Seamless payment integration

Integrate CopeCart or Digistore24 as our payment partner and make the sales-to-product transition smoother than ever before.

Limited time access

Make your course available for a limited time to create value through scarcity. The perfect feature to extend your course after 3 months.

Coming soon lessons

Create anticipation for future content by highlighting upcoming lessons as such. Get your users excited about future lessons coming up.

Zapier integration

Connect any other software to CopeMember without code and benefit from massive productivity and clever automation.

Security against piracy

Don't take risks, and protect your knowledge and skill against theft and product piracy.


Identify the best-performing users and upsell them, or provide additional support to low-performing users and turn them into your next success story.

Referral commission

Spread your love for CopeMember and earn a 30% referral bonus. Create another income stream with CopeMember.

Smart dashboard

Get a quick overview of all your courses and identify the best upselling opportunities in a flash.

Drag and drop import

Import your users easily via CSV file from your old LMS and ensure no data or time is lost.


Custom menu

Place custom menu items on your users' menus to help them navigate your resources.

Individual certificates

Create automated certificates for successful users and turn your course into a valid quality symbol.

Custom domain

Use your domain and show CopeMember under your brand.


Whether at home or on the move, your course is fully accessible and optimized for laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Language diversity

CopeMember can be used in any language. You can also change all the text.

White label

Fully customize the learning platform with your company's branding, text, and colors.

Custom quizzes

Test your users' knowledge with customizable quizzes and make sure they make progress with your content.

Custom emails

Send all your emails with your domain.

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