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Host your courses or internal training and increase course sales user satisfaction employees performance

Provide your online courses, live sessions, and documents bundled in one place and deliver an unforgettable learning experience to your users.

100% secure · GDPR compliant

800+ coaches & companies trust CopeMember

The best 27 LMS features combined in one platform

CopeMember provides a set of unique features which are hardly found on any other platform, designed to increase your sales.

More knowledge More progress More sales

The full updated version of CopeMember with 4 brand-new features:

100% safe

Indisputable legal security

Ensure your course is all-around secure against piracy and other legal disputes.

Use Cases

CopeMember is the best solution to offer your coaching services or train your employees.

These experts trust CopeMember

Coaches and companies benefit equally from optimizing their member areas with CopeMember.

“CopeMember team has gone above and beyond to develop a platform that is amazing. My users love it!”

Bastiaan Slot

Bastiaan Slot

Business Coach


Take your coaching to the next level by providing the best learning experience for your users, motivating them through your certification and regularly upgrading them to the next course based on their progress.

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Employee Training

Benefit from highly intuitive navigation and advanced learning support to keep track of your employees' learning progress at all times and provide them with ongoing training.

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"Kajabi, Teachable, ClickFunnels could not deliver to us the experience we have right now with CopeMember!"

CopeMember has taken its fitness business to the next level: Out of every 100 users he regularly offers his course to as a trial, usually 50 end up buying the low-priced ticket and then upgrading to the high-priced ticket after 2 months.

 Xenios Charalambous

Xenios Charalambous

Fitness Coach

"I am thrilled with the service, the product and the customer friendliness from the very beginning.”

The entire backend of CopeMember is just so intuitively designed. I love that I can customize the member area to match our branding and I'm absolutely thrilled about the support: you're always helped and the relocation service was top notch - it's just super easy! Functions like 'Upsells' or 'Free Trial Version' helped us to increase our sales. I can only recommend CopeMember to everyone!

Nike Menzel

Nike Menzel

Business Mentor

"Right now it’s super easy to make upsells to users of other higher programs".

Users see all the available courses once they login to the platform and can upgrade to the next course much easier. In the past, they had to inform clients manually about the existence of other courses.

Lani Nalu

Lani Nalu

Life Coach

"Copemember has helped us digitalize our employee onboarding process!"

As one of the fastest-growing companies in the digital space, we needed to find a way to do our employee training more efficiently and effortlessly. Since we digitalized our employee on-boarding process, we can hire and train our employees 40% faster than before; as a result, scale our business faster.

Michael Kloep

Michael Kloep

Global CEO of CopeCart

coaches & companies

Frequently Asked Questions

CopeMember can be used only in English or German, but you can change all the texts your students see to their language.

Our video player, which your users use to learn, is protected against piracy. In addition, you can view conspicuous accounts with, for example, a high number of logins from multiple IP addresses.

You can use CopeMember through your domain and customize your branding and wording according to your ideas.

Yes, you may manually add users in CopeMember, assign them the course, and the system automatically sends them an email with the appropriate access. You can also use our integration with CopeCart to automatically create users when they have purchased your product.

All data is stored on German servers under the General Data Protection Regulation.

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